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Horses have long fascinated and inspired humans because of their grace, their speed, their physical and mental strength and their infallible instinct. They embody power, grace and a highly tuned instinct. Whether they are used for pleasure or for work, they offer a non-judgmental mirror to our own behaviours. A learning experience with a horse is honest, immediate and long lasting.

Welcome to a HorseWay Experience.

Advantages and benefits for businesses and individuals are multiple and diverse:

  • better self-awareness and understanding of others
  • positive and sustainable behaviourial changes
  • improved performances thanks to increased motivation and clearer objectives
  • a sustainable trust and respect environment
  • an experiential learning of emotional and relational intelligence
  • a true example of trusted and respected leadership rather than autocratic management
  • teams who are more aware of their collective behaviours with their  positive and improvement points

and much, much  more that HorseWay and its horse team are happy to let you discover

Why use horses as partners?

Horses organise themselves ‘socially’ to show true leadership, respect for all, unambiguous non-verbal communication and immediate and fair feedback

  • They are benevolent. They do not judge. They create an environment of trust based on mutual respect.
  • They are authentic, unprejudiced, do not have preconceived beliefs about hierarchy, diversity or ego.
  • Horses are gifted with a true and authentic perception based on sensory and extra-sensory skills.
  • They impersonate the present moment and ‘let go and move on’ naturally.

Imagine the power of these capabilities if applied to a business environment and workplace?

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